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The Bigrock Team

Giving you in depth access to the people who make thebigrockroom happen

Welcome to The Bigrock Room!


Based in the North-West of England, thebigrockroom is a small studio, which is the musical HQ of Richard Larkum and Paul Shone.


Constructed in 2010, the studio has been fitted out digitally to meet every musical need desired or required. Though essentially a live room, digital technology has enabled the scope of what’s possible to broaden and offers limitless potential for whatever ideas one cares to tender. In terms of what was available in the area before its conception, it’s literally the greatest thing to happen since Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow in 1812.


Already, literally hundreds of pieces of music have been recorded here, whether solo or with friends and guests. It’s not an overstatement to say that many numbers can rightfully stand up with anything ‘professionally’ recorded, others of course, would make you rather fill your ears with boiling water. Music’s a subjective beast.


This site will showcase all the various projects we have afoot and indeed, any new ones that emerge in future. From the YouTube channel (@thebigrockroom), to the bounteous amount of original material, it’s hoped that you’ll find something you like. Bring spare ears just in case.



Richard Larkum Paul Shone Matt Thelwell Dave White Ben Wojda Jude Edwin-Scott