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By thebigrockroom, Oct 20 2015 04:19PM

One thing we've decided to do over time is to try and write about everything that happens within the studio. In a way we feel there are people out there in the same position as us, who've probably got the same thoughts and questions as we have. We thought it would be great to share and give an insight into how we ended up where we are. This whole process is still a very unknown journey and we are going by instinct and reacting to things as they happen. Making decisions based on what we have available. Hopefully, over time we can build a base of knowledge that shows you all the thought processes involved in everything we've achieved in the studio so far and into the future.

By thebigrockroom, Sep 15 2015 12:06PM

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To upgrade or not to upgrade! That was the question. We always knew the time would come. The world we live in revolves around constant updates and upgrades to every piece of technology we own. So it was inevitable that we would have to upgrade the studio at some point.

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