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By thebigrockroom, Sep 15 2015 12:06PM

Author: thebigrockroom

Catergory: General

To upgrade or not to upgrade! That was the question. We always knew the time would come. The world we live in revolves around constant updates and upgrades to every piece of technology we own. So it was inevitable that we would have to upgrade the studio at some point.

By thebigrockroom, Aug 4 2015 07:48PM

Author: Richard Larkum

Catergory: Update

So...... What has been happening!!!!!

Well, in short, the darkness hit me again. Not the full darkness, more like a really overcast day darkness. It still brought with it its usual annoyances.... Fear, anxiety, procrastination. Going from a really active start to the year putting the website together and recording, everything has slowed down or stopped. Life went from running freely to feeling like I was like trying to walk in mud. Some things got done slowly and some things just could not win the battle in my head to get started. Even though the pace has slowed, things have still been happening in the background. I am feeling the darkness lift and am now using my more positive mental outlook to start things moving again.

So, with that said...... what has been happening?

By thebigrockroom, May 5 2015 05:45PM

Author: Paul Shone

Catergory: General

Now, I love metal. In fact, I’d go as far as grabbing a set of pom poms and chanting ‘Metal Metal Metal! Raar Raar Raar!’ like a more moral George Bush Jr. At the risk of sounding like Grandpa Shone, the music I consistently always go back to is the rock of the 60’s leading into the hard rock/proto metal of the early 70’s. It’s a fat trip man!

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