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Ben Wojda


Animal, Darth, Jesus, Wojda




Guitar / Bass


Supervoid / Vehilius Inca / The Drivetones / Undisclosed / thebigrockroom


Metallica / Faith No More / Mr Bungle / Rage Against The Machine / Pantera / Dream Theatre /  Liquid Tension Experiment / Soundgarden / Iron Maiden / The Mars Volta / Animals As Leaders / Devin Townsend Project / The Prodigy / Eric Clapton / Pink Floyd / Primus / Racer X / Megadeth / Slayer


Mike Patton / James Hetfield / Chris Cornell / Tom Morello / Les Claypool / Dave Gilmour / Tosin Abasi / Devin Townsend

A Brief Musical History of Ben


I started learning the drums when I was around 14/15 years old after watching Metallica's Seattle show from the ...And Justice For All tour.  Something about Lars' performance that show stirred within me and my debate as to be drummer or guitarist was solved. I went on to be the "school drummer", used for various performances from orchestral to metal. I got my first drum kit soon after, a 3rd hand red Pearl Export kit which served me well for many many years. It saw me through my first two bands and through my college years where I jammed with many great musicians. Much later I met Matt Kilgannon and formed Vehilius Inca (VI) .This is where I could exercise my metal demons and to this day we're still trying to push each other to write the best music we can. In the summer of 2015, a local blues band called "The Drivetones" were looking for a drummer to fill in for a few live shows. I accepted and 2 years later I am still thoroughly enjoying playing the blues. The simplicity and the unpredictability so different to anything I experienced playing metal. Finally I came to be drumming in "thebigrockroom" with Rich, Paul and Co.  Such great musicians and great friends making awesome material that is so exiting to be a part of. Let's see what happens ...

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