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This is where it all began for Richard & Jude....

Headcase were:


Richard Larkum - Bass & Vocals

Jude Edwin-Scott - Guitar

Paul May - Drums

'I'm Lost' was the last studio recording by Headcase.

It was recorded and mixed on 5th June 1995 at Stairway Music in Walsall.


Cassete Covers
Headcase Cover
Crossbreed Cassette 2
Crossbreed Cover
Crossbreed Cassette
Stompa Cover
Stompa Cassette
Inhalation Cover
Inhalation Cassette
Chapter 1 Complete

The History of Headcase

From Inhalation to Stompa to Crossbreed to Headcase


The Demo Tapes

Chapter 1 CD
Chapter 1 Jewel Case Back
Chapter 1 Jewel Case Front
Chapter 1 - Inhalation & Stompa
Chapter 1 - Lyrics
Chapter 1 - Headcase & Headcase
Chapter 1 back
Headcase v3

!!! NEWS ALERT - May 2020 !!!


Richard & Jude are currently re-recording every song wriiten during their time together as Inhalation/Crossbreed/Stompa/Headcase


Many of these songs were never recorded in any capacity back in the day


They believe there will be about 40 songs in total by the time they've finished


The first phase of recordings is now well under way


So far the first 11 songs have been recorded, 4 of which are now ready for mixing


The aim is to releae them in 3-4 song batches


Stay tuned for more updates!

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