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Hidden By Trees - Good Mountian Cover Idea 2b v4

Bass & Vocals - Richard Larkum

Guitar - Jude Edwin-Scott

Guitar - Paul Shone

Drums - Ben Wojda



Good Mountain (Single)

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The Story of Good Mountian & Hidden by Trees


Richard's thoughts:


I remember Jude saying he’d started writing some heavy riffs again. At this point in time we’d played a gig or two and had done quite a few YouTube covers together, so we had the ability to play music as a band. So it was decided to go old school with this project and actually take the riffs, get in a room together and jam it out like the good ole days :-) I think the first jam was actually just Jude, Paul and Ben (I was on tour at the time). They sent me the jams from that evening, one of which was the bones of what would become Good Mountain. We then spent a good few sessions pulling it into shape. Quick little factoid for you all. Jude was originally going to sing on the project as well!!!! Maybe we’ll release that jam session one day! Anyway it was fun jamming it out, ironing out the creases and bringing it to life before we actually tracked it.


One of the major changes that happened between Jamming and tracking was the ‘length’ of the mid section. During writing we had drawn out the hangs going into the mid section, emulating keeping the baying crowd waiting :-)  they got longer and longer each session :-) but after the first tracking sessions we realised that it didn’t work so well in a recorded environment and decided to get to the point a bit quicker :-)


After we’d tracked everything, I mixed the track and it was signed off by everyone probably around August 2019. Then life happened and it got put on the back burner, at this point it we were probably still seeing it as part of an EP or Album, not a single. As we approached Christmas 2019, we’d come up with a new plan for the studio after properly moving into the new Control room. The plan was to release music more consistently by releasing less tracks per release. No more thoughts of albums,  just 1-4 songs per time. We decided to join Bandcamp and re-release the original RDH and Electric Caesar EP releases in parts, one month apart to get us used to the schedule and give us time to get new music recorded. At the end of this our first release would be Good Mountain as a stand alone single.


At the beginning of the year, I'd been accepted to beta test a new mixing program created by Jake Kodweis at ProMusicGo! I decided to use the Good Mountain recording as my test mix. Now the final mix you hear is the result of my leanings from this course. The mix was not without its issues though. Drum mixing went great and started the process off in great fashion. Bass and guitars followed and you could really tell the difference BUT it also highlighted a few issues in the tracking. Bass wise, I think we’d elastic audioed the bass in the last chorus as we changed the tempo slightly after I’d recorded my parts and there were some weird noises created that got accentuated as I mixed the track again. So I recorded my bass parts again. Then as I mixed the guitars we hit weird conflicting issues, not that I really understand things fully yet but it highlighted some playing issues so we re tracked the guitars. This made a massive difference. With the re tracked bass and guitars and new mixing techniques we had a listening party and all agreed it was sounding great. This is when I started to mix the vocals and  you guessed it,  hit problems with a weird popping on certain vocal lines that was getting accentuated again as I used my new mixing techniques. So, I re-recorded all the vocals and solved all those issues. I should probably mention at this point that our mixing technique up until this point was essentially level mixing what we’d recorded, so actually processing each channel was a very new technique to us. The results, in our opinion, spoke for themselves. We were all made up with how it had come out and so we gave ourselves the green light to release it.


Problem then was we needed a name for the project. We all went away to get our ideas together and sat down at my kitchen table to decide on a name. After many no’s, Jude threw ‘Hidden by Trees’ into the ring. That was the one that stuck. I seemed really apt that Jude ended up naming the project as well. We started on some artwork & logo concepts. Once we agreed on a general look for the cover, I asked Jude to paint a picture of ‘Good Mountain’ (Jude has painted many of his own solo record covers), which he proceeded to do with great results. Everyone was blown away. A few tweaks to the original layout ideas with the new artwork in place and we all signed off the cover. And then we had no choice :-) the only thing left to do was to release it!


We’re all super proud of what we’ve achieved. We can’t wait to get back into a room again after the pandemic is over and see what the next song ends up being. Until then, from all 4 of us, enjoy Good Mountain !!!


Jude's thoughts:


In 2006 I travelled a little bit in Peru and Bolivia. One of the highlights was doing the Inca Trail, which takes you to the sight of Machu Picchu. The mountain opposite the main Inca city is Good Mountain. That night I slept next to the river at its base. In the early hours I walked up to the site surrounded by rising clouds, it felt very atmospheric. There were  hardly any tourists, so it was just me and the quiet of this incredible valley. The song 'Good Mountain' was inspired by the Spanish Conquistadors invasion of this region and the eventual overthrowing and destruction of the Inca empire. The imagery in the lyrics came from this and things I remember seeing whilst I was there. I wrote the main chorus riff a good few years ago, a little bit inspired by Soundgarden's vibe, using octaves and giving it a groove. The drop in the middle of the song was more recent, written on an acoustic but translates well dropped down a notch or two with distortion and incredible band mates making it sound amazing. Hope you enjoy it, Cheers Jude


Paul's thoughts:


I recall Jude first playing the main riff when it was just him and I in the studio, possibly practising guitar parts for the lion gig....may be more recent though. As much as I love tracking and building a song on Pro Tools, it was really nice to jam the whole thing out as a band and iron out any issues together. A great Jude tune with riffs I never would've written so was nice to be on the other side of the creating process!


Ben's thoughts:


To be honest theres not much I can really add here that paul hasn’t outlined bar enjoyed seeing each part evolve with different ideas and perspectives from everyone.






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