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Paul Shone


Shoney, Shonester, El Shonearino, Max Metal,

Chris P Bacon




Drums, Bass, Keys


Basically what you see me doing on here!

Electric Caesar


The Beatles / Led Zeppelin / Gentle Giant /

Pink Floyd /  Nirvana / Metallica / Beach Boys / King Crimson / Death From Above 1979 /

Biffy Clyro / Fall Of Troy / Field Music / Bluetip / Soundgarden / Failure / Ice Cube / Hendrix / West Coast Pop Art Exp Band / The Who


Any Beatle / Jimmy Page / Bonzo / Field Music /

David Gilmour / Robert Fripp / Ray Shulman

So when did I first meet Paul! I've thought about this question a lot. I've thought about this question in many different situations. I've thought about the question at many different times and....still I draw a complete blank. Paul must've entered my life sometime around the late 90s, if I can kind of remember correctly. I'm sure the first link was via Chessy, possibly his uncle Pete, who was an avid fan of my band at the time. As for when we first played together, I kind of have a vague recollection it would've been at Prism's warehouse, where we went in and jammed on weekends. I know there are tapes that exist of the sessions but the exact dates are hazy in my memory and they were very sporadic to say the least.


I will interject here by saying that the more I thought about this, the more I feel it was just a very natural evolution to Paul becoming someone who I played music with. There really isn't a kind of moment when it happened as such. It just feels that it was something that just progressed very naturally to where we are today. Anyway I digress!


In the early 2000's we definitely started to play more together,  we would jam at Paul May's [Drums] fairly regularly. I know that in 2003, when my daughter Jessica was born, we put together a little live project with Paul May on drums, Steve Chesworth on bass, keyboards & vocals, Paul and myself on guitar. We played a little gig in a local pub called the Bickerton Poacher, after Steve's main band, the SKB band, had played their set. After this we started to jam together a lot more, again mainly Paul's [May] house because at the time it was the only place where we could actually jam.


Around 2008 is when I probably really put the idea of building my home studio into action. It took just over a year, maybe a year and a half to build. Paul was involved in helping to build various parts of it. Once we moved into the studio, that's really when mine and Paul's current musical partnership really started to get cemented. Paul May was a massive part of the studio when we first moved in, but unfortunately he became very disillusioned with everything and eventually moved his kit out and left. From this moment on it became about me and Paul. As things progressed and the YouTube channel was started we realised that between ourselves we could take care of everything we needed to musically and that we both had the same drive, enthusiasm and momentum to make this happen, to keep this going. Our eclectic taste in music met in the middle to create a kind of melting pot of everything we felt we needed say musically. It really was/is magical and I feel blessed that Paul is in my life playing music with me. We really have achieved a lot so far and we have so much more to achieve. There is so much material that is ready to be shown to the world at the right time.


He really has been an amazing sounding board for me with my own RDH project. Keeping me moving on the right track as I've wavered along the way. I sit with him working on the YouTube stuff, watching how he picks things up and he can figure things out so quickly. No matter how challenging certain things have been, especially lead breaks, he always comes up with the goods and you know, like I said before, I just feel blessed that I've got someone of such ability to be able to play with and can move forward musically with. It helps me to play better and become a better musician myself. I am in awe of his creativity. It scares me sometimes his output rate of new music. I'm so looking forward to sharing his original music with the world.


It's exciting times and I can't wait to see where we end up. We are constantly challenging each other and are constantly fighting for time to make everything we talk about doing come to fruition. As long as we keep moving forward with a smile on our faces, all will be good in the bigrockroom.

Richard on Paul

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