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The whole concept of The COVID Diaries came about after an incredibly creative start to the lockdown in March 2020. The lyrical content was driven by what was happening, defining the moment in time that the songs were created



Fun Facts :


- The COVID Diaries is all played in E Standard tuning. This is the first time RDH songs have been recorded with this tuning. Richard felt this helped to define them


- Reborn started as an idea based on a task Richard was set for a music course he was undertaking at the time. The task was to write a Riff/Idea based on what you believe are your musical strengths


- The Reborn intro riff started life on Richard's beloved Nylon stringed acoustic guitar. A majority of RDH riffs start here. The guitar is tuned to E standard, this is why he decided to keep the tuning when transfering the riff to electric guitar. Normally they would be transposed to D standard or B Standard


- All the songs are released in the order they were written. Richard felt that this kept a realtime timeline to the project


- The concept of the COVID Diaries started to really form when writing lyrics for Uncharted [the second song]


- Originally, Richard wrote 6 songs in quick succession. The idea was to release them as 2 x 3 Track Eps, 1 month apart from each other.  Unfortunately during the final tracking of the first 3 songs Richard's battle with depression took hold again and because of the time lost, the reality of releasing a 3 track EP became unrealistic. This was then when it was decided to release 1 song per month instead.


- Richard had the concept for the cover artwork to be a COVID virus writing a diary at a desk but didn't feel he had the ability to bring it to life. He decided to ask his long time friend, 'boss' and respected artist, Jeremy Cunningham [Levellers Bass Player] if he would draw his idea and bring it to life. Jeremy obiliged and knocked it out of the park with his final piece!





All tracks written & performed by Richard Larkum


Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at thebigrockroom

RDH - The COVID Diaries


Entry 2 : Uncharted [Released 17th July 2020]

Entry 1 : Reborn [Released 19th June 2020]

The COVID Diaries

Entry 3 : Couldn't Care Less [Released 14th August 2020]

Entry 4 : This Is Not A War [Released 11th September 2020]

Entry 5 : Suffocating [Released 9th October 2020]

Entry 6 : Despised [Released 22nd November 2020]

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