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Richard Larkum


Bigrock, JC, Pops, Larkumator, Larko, Beardy


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The Headcase Project / RDH / March Of One / thebigrockroom / Imperium


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Suicidal Tendencies / Gojira / Pro-Pain / At The Gates / Primus / Darkane / Sepultura / Slayer / Machine Head / Anthrax / Fear Factory / Biohazard / Korn / System Of A Down / Kilgore / Life Of Agony / Stuck Mojo / The Beach Boys / Madness / Yodelice


Cliff Burton / Dimebag / James Hetfield / Les Claypool / Robert Trujillo

Okay, If we’re going to go right back to my first memories of Rich, I was at his mum’s play school group and he was the older dude razzing around on his BMX all day. I’d love to say we had some kind of reciprocal musical kinship, but at around three years old at the time, I’d be pushing this brief congress into horse-shit territory.


Moving forward a few years, I’d see Rich around the village and thanks to his friendship with my Uncle and several other of my mates, I knew he was THE music head around the place! I recall sneaking into the pub at about fifteen and somehow ended up talking music with him, he’d just been on tour with Shed Seven and was impressed that I’d heard of The Dandys who were the Sheds’ support band, hey, it was the 90’s, Buckaroo!


It transpired that Rich’s band at the time were playing in the same pub the following evening, and so the pocket money got rinsed again and I showed up. I was blown away. It was heavy as hell and right up my rue. At the time, I was already into heavyish stuff like Slayer, Metallica, Sabbath etc but seeing it yards away (before they were shut down by the Fun Police) was a major eye-opener. A measure of its impact is that I immediately found out what gear their guitarist Jude used, and somehow copied it exactly the rig I still have today.


Quite how we got together musically after that is a bit of a blur. I grew up across the road from Rich’s girlfriend who knew I played guitar, so I suspect she had a large hand in orchestrating a meeting but a meeting we had! I recall turning up for a jam at a local warehouse – turning up being the operative words.LOUD – and we rocked it out! Recordings exist that evidence my ear-blastingly loud claims. It was tons of fun just jamming with those guys, who were - as far as I was concerned - light years ahead musically, I was just glad I could keep up.


From there, we kept in touch as best as we could, I was at university, Rich was invariably on tour, until we had the opportunity to play a little gigtempted to say a support slot, but we actually played a short set AFTER the main band! We accepted the challenge and threw the hammer down. Again, video footage of this is knocking about for you BigRockRoom completists!


After this gig, the immediacy of a deadline no longer applied so we were a bit more liberal with when we met up. However, it was around this time that Rich started getting into the idea of getting things recorded and the technology behind it. We made a few little demos, throwing down riffs and the odd Slayer cover in his back room and then over the next several years would put down an original or two. This summation sounds like it was all happening man, but in reality this took place over about five years at the pace of an arthritic slug on a marathon trek across the Utah Salt Flatswe had fun though!


It’s worthy of note to say that Rich has always been the motivator and instigator in most everything we’ve done. I’m sure that without his inner motor pushing things forward, we’d probably still be discussing starting things! This was most prevalent when it came to starting the reason we’re writing this, the studio.


Rich has always known this was going to happen, just a question of when. Everything fell into place 2009-2010 and the studio happened seemingly in a very short space of time, though many helped along the way.


I’ve always known that he was a great bass player (hey, he plays with his fingers man!) and was good enough on the guitar to do whatever he wanted, but it wasn’t until we started jamming in the new studio that I realised we had an ace drummer on our hands too. This was brought about at first from necessity, as our friend Paul, who had been in bands with Rich (and to a lesser extent, me) for many years was now playing with us less frequently, but we still wanted to jam! To this day, we work around mine and Rich’s schedule, but if it wasn’t for his push and general nous about approaching things, we’d stall very quickly indeed, even today! The story of how we got into doing the youtube channel and everything consequent are detailed elsewhere or are work in progress.

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