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Our YouTube channel started as a happy accident!


Here in our own words is how it happened


From Richard's Perspective -


So, my recollection of how Creeping Death and our YouTube channel came into being! I remember some time mid 2011, Paul and I were just jamming, letting off some steam. I was playing drums and Paul was on guitar. Amongst many other musical snippets I started to play the tom intro of Creeping Death. Paul joined in. We stumbled through it up to the chorus. When we listened back to it we decided it sounded pretty cool and fleshed it out a little, added a second guitar, some bass and a completely wrong lyric (amazing that 20 years of listening to song doesn't guarantee you know the right lyrics).  We were both impressed enough with the results that it was decided we should actually have a go at recording the whole track properly. So after a couple of weeks we had a fully tracked version. And we were impressed by ourselves. It sounded great. It was possibly the first real complete recording from the studio so far. It felt like an accomplishment.


Now around this time I'd been watching a lot of YouTube videos to do with an EMG Metallica competition. One in particular had really made an impression. AtteroTerra had made a great green screened compilation. So between this and the fact that since I was a teenager I'd been massively interested in video editing, but never done much since some very basic VHS to VHS stuff back in the day, I put it to Paul that we should film ourselves playing Creeping Death and I'd then edit it together. The basic idea was to create a very loosely instructional video. Essentially throughout the clip you will have seen every part being played. And so I dug out my DV camera and we filmed ourselves playing the track.


Once this was done the next issue was actually editing it. I got myself a copy of Final Cut Pro 7 and after a quick half hour lesson from my video tech on tour to show me the basics of using it, I set about creating our first video. I remember using the 2 days I had in Brussels AB to set up in the catering area and I went to work. The one massive beginners error I made was that I didn't have the same start (in) point for all my clips, I didn't know any better at the time, so I had to write down the start point of the song for each clip and then whilst I was editing would manually work out were I was in the clip to get them to line up with each edit and my God was it time consuming. I know better now!!!!! Anyway, I eventually ended up with a fully edited clip!!!! Again, we were both really happy with what we had achieved.


So this brought on the next question 'What shall we do with it?' This is when it was decided to start a YouTube channel and upload it. The main thought process to start with was for us to show it our friends and family around the world. Show them the first real results from the studio. It was uploaded and I emailed everyone I knew to let them know. It was great, all my friends around the world being able to watch it. There was so much love coming back it felt like a real achievement. We were both really proud of what we'd achieved and people seemed to like it. It felt like our first real accomplishment with the studio. Things were good. Then something happened. I'd sent the email to maybe 100/200 but suddenly we had 2000 views. Obviously, people who we didn't know were watching it and so the conversation of shall we do another one happened ........ And that's where this story ends and the next story begins :-)





From Paul’s Perspective -


My recollection of Creeping Death was that it emerged from the depths of a solitary jam. We Both locked into the riff and decided what the hell, let's make a video! We have always watched and been inspired by many YouTube channels' interpretations of songs we like, so thought it was about time we got involved.


After the riff had recurred over several jams, we decided to take it more seriously and hunkered down to learning the tune in it's entirety.... Bastard hard solos and all....cheers Rich!


When the layers of the tracks began mounting up, we realised we were on to something as it sounded bad ass! We also decided at this point to up the tempo, thanks in part to hearing many faster Metallica live versions but mainly, simply because we thought it sounded cooler.


I laid down the guitars whilst Rich was away and upon his return he was hit by a molten slab of metallic hyperbole here Mr! Rich then threw down the bass and vocals and we had our first track down.


I recall the filming of the video taking almost literally, all night. Pretty sure if you look at the video, the clock on the wall reads some ungodly hour when we finally got round to filming vocals! This was the first music/video we made and maybe it shows, but it was the start of the channel that we both love adding to! Rich and I never anticipated that we'd exceed 100 views, so the fact that the videos continue to thrive is immensely humbling.



Creeping Death

Ride The Lightning



Paul Shone

Richard Larkum


17th November 2011











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